Latest Update – Thursday 7th January 2021

Dear Gateway Family,

Happy New Year!

As we brace ourselves for British winter in all its glory, and the continued disruption of our lives by Covid-19, we are praying that regardless, you will find the hope and healing that He has for us in this New Year. We may not be through this thing yet, but He has promised that His grace would be sufficient – and I for one will be holding tightly to that promise.

Alert Level 5

As you are all aware, earlier this week it was announced that all regions in England would move into ‘Alert Level 5’, and yet another lockdown. We wanted to just quickly touch base with you regarding what that means for church.

The pastors and elders have taken the time to prayerfully consider how we should respond to this. We have done this because, interestingly; this time, the government has left the decision in the hands of the church leaders.

What should we do?

  • Move to online services only, so that we are fully participating in preserving the physical safety of our church family, our community, our nation?
  • Continue with both in-person and livestream services on a Sunday morning, to seek the face of God for our church family, our community, our nation?

The Bible speaks about Him inhabiting the praises of His people (Ps 22:3). He comes to the place where He is being ministered to. And when He comes, so does His anointing. Time and again in the Old Testament we see the nation of Israel get into a difficult situation. When that happened, they would gather together and cry out to Him for deliverance. And He turned enemies, He turned plagues and He turned hearts when they did this. So that is what we are going to do, Gateway.

We will continue to gather together on a Sunday. Both in person – and online. We will stand together – some of us in the auditorium, and some through the world wide web. And we will seek the face of God. And we will minister to the Lord.

In person, it will be a small number of us. Only 150 seats will be available (In a room with 1800 seats, that is some good social distancing.). But the rest of us will be turning on our computers, tablets and phones; and together, we will seek Him; until He come and send righteousness upon us like rain (Hosea 10:12).

So now, there is a choice before everyone in our church family – ‘Which is the spirit of God leading you to do?’

We won’t all safely fit in the room, so we must simply be led in our decision now.

But don’t let fear make this decision for you. Listen to your heart and follow His leading. And then join us. Join us in person, or join us by the live stream. Because we are going to minister to the Lord.

We love you Gateway, and we continue to feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful church family. All of us are here, ‘For such a time as this’. Never forget that!

With love and blessings

Jon and Angela

On a practical note:

Please be aware of the following:

  • Masks will be required unless you have a medical exemption.
  • There can be no mingling in the building or the car park, outside of your household or support bubble
  • Please do not just turn up at the door. You will need to sign up (though mychurchsuite or the website) BEFORE arriving or entering the building, as seating is so limited.
  • If you are not willing to provide your email address, due to concerns of government overreach – please join with us by live stream.
  • If you have received a letter asking you to shield, please join with us by the live stream.

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